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Depth of knowledge to meet your needs


UAS                C-UAS

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The world is presently in the adoption phase of the age of drones. As the industry grows and new technology is developed at a blinding pace, you can find yourself drowning in a sea of information and misinformation. Whether it concerns new products, applications, regulations, or cyber security, it’s almost impossible for most businesses to separate important developments from the hype.

 How will you decide where to start to build a solid UAS program to support or protect your current operations?


Training Services

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Training courses provided:

  • UAS Radio Frequency Counter Measures (RFCM)
  • Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS)
  • DJI & Aeryon Flight Training
  • UAS Ground School
  • Photogrammetry



Our team excels in:

  • Researching custom solutions to meet your needs.
  • Building your UAS program from the ground up.
  • Securing facilities and VIPs from UAS threats.
  • Assistance with regulatory and compliance.
  • Live video streaming of tactical situations.
  • Examining collision reconstruction cases.
  • Expanding your current UAS program.
  • EVLOS Options.




Our team has:

  • Conducted extensive testing of kinetic and electronic C-sUAS solutions
  • Experience with UAS protective services for VIPs and large events
  • Expert knowledge of UAS communication protocols and Radio Frequency systems
  • Red Team testing of potential C-sUAS solutions


Who We Are


David Domoney

As BlueForce’s President and CEO, David is responsible for directing and overseeing the company’s UAV consulting services. Prior to founding BlueForce, David served as a police officer for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for over 27 years. Working with the RCMP, David saw the unique applications for UAVs in law enforcement and initiated the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Program. Since 2010, David has implemented and coordinated the world’s largest RPAS fleet, obtained regulatory approvals for a nationwide program, conducted extensive countermeasure trials, and become an accomplished RPAS public speaker.  

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Brian Fentiman

Brian has recently retired from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police after 34 years of service. He has spent the last 3 years building the sUAS and C-sUAS program for the RCMP in British Columbia. He is a technical expert on UAS electronic countermeasures and holds a Diploma in Telecommunications. Brian maintains a Part 107 Airman’s Certificate, is a ground school instructor, and has developed several sUAS courses. Brian has provided sUAS support to tactical teams, forensic investigators, as well as Search and Rescue teams. Brian was the first certified Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) check pilot in Canada and the first in Canada to deploy UAS countermeasures at a VIP venue.

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