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David Domoney

As BlueForce’s CEO and President, David is responsible for directing and overseeing the company’s UAV consulting services. Prior to founding BlueForce, David served as a police officer for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for over 27 years. Working with the RCMP, David saw the unique applications for UAVs in law enforcement and initiated the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Program. He coordinated the world’s largest RPAS fleet, with more than 210 operational systems nationwide. David has extensive research and implementation expertise in various global platforms. For example, he led the first successful RPA deployment for the North American Leadership Summit (NALS) in 2016.  

In addition to his RPAS coordination, David is an expert in compliance and countermeasure planning. He worked extensively with Transport Canada to obtain the RCMP’s National Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC), which allows them to conduct operations anywhere in the country. David also conducted extensive countermeasure trials to test and evaluate RPA countermeasure. These trials tested various kinetic and electronic countermeasure (ECM) responses to determine an effective law enforcement response to improper use of RPA.   

David is an accomplished public speaker. His RPAS expertise has been showcased at several speaking events around the world, including the Asia Police Conference, Police Aviation Conference, the Airborne Law Enforcement Association, and the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities.  

Significant Achievements

  • Began the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Program for Canada's largest police agency.

  • Managed the RPAS program nationally.

  • Managed the first operational deployment of UAS in support of a major event (North American Leadership Summit)

  • Obtained the first National Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) for policing.

  • Obtained the first National Compliant Operator permit for policing. 

Certifications and Experience

  • Trained UAS Pilot under the following platforms:

    • Draganfly X6, X4ES, Guardian, Commander

    • DJI - Phantom III, Inspire, Inspire 2, S1000 and Mavic

    • Aeryon SkyRanger

    • Chaos Squad

    • Aerovironment Qube

  • Assistant Course developer - Ground School, Phantom III, Inspire courses.

  • Management experience with the procurement and acquisition of UAS systems and countermeasure technology.

  • 27.5 years of policing experience.

  • Extensive Experience testing various UAS countermeasure options.

  • Participated in the following working groups:

    • Transport Canada Inter-operability working group

    • Chair of the National RPAS working group - RCMP

    • Canadian Military working group

    • Participated in External Police Agency working group

  • Speaker at 64 internal police agency presentations on UAS operations and Countermeasures.

  • Speaker at various conferences and events both domestically and internationally.